Steve Adams is a jeweller and metalsmith who finds his inspiration in nature, comic book illustrations and ‘wild ideas.’ His work has been described as being sculptural and very literal, which he says he finds to be encouraging.

Adams’s body of work discusses the topic of Protection, and the relationship between people and jewellery from a contemporary perspective. Using mainly methods of form-folding, Adams creates sculpted metal textures in his unique designs. His visual approach to jewellery design he says is intended to be more emotive for the onlooker, especially when they are custom designs. Much like tattoos, or other visual arts. “Jewellery is communicative of so many things, why not look like it?”

Drawing from his own personal experience and influences, Adams uses jewellery-making as a vehicle for expression and discovery of life; a celebration of our commonalities as people, in a way that’s visually exciting and thought-provoking. There is a seriousness and morbidity to be found in life. Adams attempts to shine more light on the way we look at things in order to find new appreciation for the visual arts.