Talitha DU PREEZ

In this body of work, du Preez has explored the complex connection humankind has with nature through structures in the landscapes and through her own connection with nature.  Through research and exploring she came to realise that old ruins and abandoned structures are an important aspect in understanding humankind’s evolution and history for they are evidence of the past and human interaction in the landscape. Humankind’s first and most common interaction with nature is by occupying an area. This is usually followed by constructing structures that lends to humanities social evolution and cultural evolution. In her work she portrays the divided belief and questions whether humankind has dominance over nature or if humans and nature are equal and even whether nature will be triumphant? This touches on one Romantic era’s focus on portraying the eternal life of nature and the short-lived ones of humankind. These questions led du Preez to question the roots of her connection to nature that stems from growing up for most of my life on a farm. Using traditional mediums, she represents her exploration of the nostalgic landscapes of farm life combined with evidence of human interaction and connection with nature.