Art is a powerful medium that can cross borders and conquer hearts. It has the ability to evoke emotion, question social norms and give a voice to the marginalised. In a society where people of colour in South Africa are often marginalised and invisible, it is vital for artists to take a stand and amplify their stories. This body of work explores the role of the artist who becomes the resonant voice of people of colour through drawings, illuminating their struggles, resilience and hopes. 

I embarked on a transformative journey through art making to shed light on the dilemma of the coloured community in South Africa. My goal is to challenge the status quo through their artistic expression and start a dialogue about persistent systemic inequality. Drawing inspiration from the lived experiences and stories of people of colour, I strive to weave a living tapestry of their struggles and resilience. My drawings aims to humanize the lived experiences of people of colour and create a new sense of commitment to change 

I believe in giving voice to the voiceless and to stand up for the historically marginalised and neglected. By drawing portraits of people in my community, many of who’s lives have been cut short, I infuse my art with social awareness and an unwavering commitment to justice, equality and representation of the invisible. Each stroke of a charcoal stick or eraser reflects the passion and determination of a silenced community. 

In my drawings, such as "Johnny Boy", I highlight the many challenges faced by people of colour in South Africa. The injustice, discrimination and socio-economic inequality that pervade their lives are skilfully portrayed, evoking empathy and raising awareness. My art acts as a catalyst for change and encourages viewers to critically examine systemic issues and challenge their own biases. 

Art has the transformative power to bring about positive change, challenge injustice and raise the voice of the marginalised. Through my drawings, I have taken on the role of a ringing voice for people of colour in South Africa, shedding light on their experiences and striving for a more inclusive society. As we look to the future, let us embrace the power of art to break down barriers, promote understanding, and promote equality.