I create paintings, structures and installation, using materials that lend themselves to my every day surroundings and life. The main concepts to my work are exploring self, be it body or mind as well as depicting personal experiences. Art helps me navigate life's changes. In my most recent body of work I have created art pieces that aid me in dealing with a change to my body. The process I use includes the collecting of my hair that falls out and then proceeding to give them a new beginning and story in my art. I have mainly used old bathroom tiles to mount the hair onto, tinting the strands with paint and pastels then freezing them in time using varnish , no longer can they age. Other materials I use are wood, old parquet floors, polyfiller and anything that creates an impact to my life. I believe and hope that in sharing personal experiences from my life and depicting the mundane experience in more of an ethereal out of body way that I could give someone the realization that they aren’t alone is certain struggles and maybe they could gain confidence to speak out and ask for help or feel a level of comfort and find beauty within their own experiences.