Photography 101: A Beginner's Guide to Photography

Join us on a captivating journey into the world of photography! With our course, you'll master the basics and uncover your unique photographic voice. Boost your technical skills and watch your creativity take flight. 

Come and explore how to take professional photographs in this intensive Photography 101 course

Day 1

·         Anatomy of a camera                                                            

·         How to use the camera                                                          

·         File Types                                                                              

·         Composition                                                                           

·         Composition Exercise                                                           

Day 2

·         Shooting Modes: Aperture priority                                       

·          Aperture priority exercise                                                       

·         Shooting Modes: Shutter priority                                          

·         Shutter Priority exercise                                                        

Day 3

·         White balances                                                                       

·         Triangle of exposure                                                              

·         How to use Triangle of exposure                                           

·         Shutter & Aperture speed exercise                                        

Day 4

·         Small recap

·         Shoot a mini-series with assistance 

Minimum an entry level DSLR (not point and shoot)

LESSONS:  4 lessons

TOTAL HOURS: 12 (15 June to 6 July 2024)

COURSE FEE: R2 160.00 (all 4 lessons)

LECTURER: Tiaree Peralta

Tiaree Solis-Peralta is a photographer and photo editor of 6 years in photojournalism, commercial work and creative photography throughout her career. Tiaree infuses her work with a touch of quirkiness. Whether she's tackling commercial work or personal projects, she thrives on embracing the unconventional and the bizarre in her imagery.


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